Taco Bar

Pulled Pork


Pulled Chicken


Ground Beef


Blackened Fish+$5 (substitute for 1 meat)


Blackened Veggies – (substitute for 1 meat)


Marinated Tofu – (substitute for 1 meat)

Soft Tortillas


Shredded Lettuce


Mixed Cheese


Black Beans


White Rice

House Made Corn Tortilla Chips








Sour Cream


Taco Bar Pricing

Pricing $25 per person


Travel fee is $3.00 per mile if delivered


Staff $35 per person per hour


$1.00 per person for paper products.


Full service event please add $4.00 per person.

This includes: buffet table, metal chafing dishes, serving utensils, flatware, plate ware, and glass water goblets and limeade

This does NOT include tables, chairs, linens, napkins, centerpieces, cake plates and cake forks